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With this guide you’ll be able to confidently set an hourly rate (without guessing) that you can rationalize with your clients. You’ll understand how each factor can contribute or destroy you business. At the end, you can print your results for business goal setting and tracking your progress. Come back the next year and you might find your business to be in much better health.



After learning that my freelance salary was 20% lower than the average full time WordPress developer, I created this easy freelance hourly rate calculator to help you avoid this mistake.

What you’ll need:

  • Target annual salary
  • Utilization Rate (calculation notes included)
  • Operating Expenses (guide included)
  • Desired Profit Margin

What you’ll get:

  • Break Even Cost
  • Overhead Rate
  • Net Operating Revenue
  • Net Multiplier
  • Suggested Billing Rates with Profit Margin

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