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Terms of Use

WPBrainery was created to help WordPress users on all levels to make the most out of WordPress. We have tons of amazing WordPress tutorials on our site. You are welcome to use any and all tricks shared on this site in your free or commercial projects. You are also welcome to reference our snippets and hacks on your own blogs/sites as long as you give us full credit from that article.

You are NOT allowed to plagiarize our content and/or translate full tutorials on your site.

WordPress Installation Service

WPBRAINERY offers professional WordPress installation services. As the user of the service, you acknowledge that:

  1. Email addresses used in the service form fields are your own email addresses and you have full access to your email accounts.
  2. You are the owner of the domain you’re requesting installation for.
  3. Your cPanel is accessible by using the Username and Password you provided in the form fields.
  4. The theme you wish to install is legally purchased and you are the owner of the theme purchase key.
  5. WPBRAINERY is not responsible for failed installation request due to a false information provided in the form fields.
  6. WPBRAINERY is not responsible for any kind of server damage during the work.
  7. You will change your cPanel and WP Admin login credentials in the first 24 hours after you receive your WP Admin credentials generate by WPBRAINERY.
  8. You allow WPBrainery to submit your domain to Google Search Console and Google Analytics using the email you provided in the form field.
  9. You understand that WordPress installation service doesn’t include designing your website.


  1. Refunds are not available if the login information you provided is false, thus we cannot access your website cPanel.
  2. Refunds are not available if you mistyped any information inside the form fields which resulted in unsuccessful server access.
  3. We offer refunds if we fail to deliver our service within the 24 hours after the request.
  4. WPBRAINERY may offer refunds in other scenarios if WPBRAINERY finds it suitable for a refund.