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Flexible Shipping scenarios

Thanks to the Flexible Shipping WooCommerce plugin you can dynamically calculate shipping costs based on the cart contents (weight, items, totals, shipping classes and more). The plethora of configuration options may seem intimidating at first. I understand it perfectly, which is why I’ll show you – using specific examples – when the Flexible Shipping WooCommerce plugin could prove useful to you. If you are not sure whether it can meet your expectations, please contact us and let us know what you expect from a shipping plugin.

Here is a couple of scenarios in which the Flexible Shipping WooCommerce plugin is a great solution.

Greater weight – higher shipping cost

I sell heavy products. I’d like the client to get a higher shipping cost after adding additional 10 kilos to the cart.

Longer distance – higher shipping cost

I sell products to different countries, but I ship them to three areas: Poland, the European Union and European countries outside of the EU. I’d like to show different shipping costs for different areas. In this scenario be sure to use WooCommerce 2.6 with built in shipping zones.

Larger order – lower shipping cost

I’d like to acknowledge those who order more by offering them lower shipping cost. I’d also like to implement price ranges.

More products – higher shipping cost

I sell one type of product but it’s bought in large numbers in single orders. My pricing policy is the following: when clients buy in larger quantities, they get a lower price. However, I’d like the opposite to be true when it comes to shipping costs: the more you buy, the higher the shipping cost.

More money spent – one payment method

I sell high-value products. I’d like the shipment to be more expensive when the order is of higher value. I’d also like a bank transfer to be the only payment method available.

Note that to make this work, it’s necessary to use both Flexible Shipping and Active Payments plugins.

If you have not found a scenario that applies to your WooCommerce store, contact us and we will let you know whether the plugin will meet your expectations. To find out more about the plugin:

Read plugin description  Read plugin docs

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