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Flexible Shipping Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a very useful online sales tool. Anyone who has had any contact with it will tell you how easy to use it is and how friendly the interface is (it’s particularly effortless for those who have been using WordPress). However in time, WooCommerce users might start to miss many functionalities. No wonder, it’s a free tool, so it may not be enough, e.g. when it comes to diversifying the shipping costs. Dear WooCommerce user, please remain calm – we’re here to save you with our Flexible Shipping plugin – the most flexible Table Rate Shipping plugin for WooCommerce.


I want to display the shipping price based on the cart contents.

What can WooCommerce do?

WooCommerce makes it possible to create shipping classes to which select products can be assigned. On the basis of those, in Flat rate, you can set different prices for different products. Still, that’s it. To sum up, here’s what WooCommerce can do:

Setting shipping prices according to:

What can Flexible Shipping do?

The Flexible Shipping plugin, apart from allowing to set prices based on shipping classes, also enables a different way to diversify shipping costs. You can set a price according to the number of products, weight, the value of the content, and set a range of these parameters. For instance, you may set it up so that when a client buys products for over $300, the shipping cost will be lower than the default one. Also, when a client buys a number of heavier products, the shipping cost will be higher.

You want the price to vary according to the destination? No problem. Thanks to Flexible Shipping’s integration with WooCommerce 2.6 Shipping Zones it’s possible to set the shipping cost according to the final destination of the shipment. You can easily set higher prices for those who wish to send parcels abroad than those who do it internally. To sum up, here’s what Flexible Shipping can do:

Setting shipping prices according to:

  • Shipping classes
  • Destination area (with WooCommerce 2.6 integration)
  • Range
    • Number of products
    • Weight
    • Value


Our Flexible Shipping plugin is compatible with our Active Payments plugin. Why is that important? Because what those two plugins can do might be of use to you! Thanks to the compatibility of the plugins:

  • you’ll be able to precisely define the shipping cost,
  • you’ll assign specific payment methods to specific shipping methods.

For instance, if your client orders heavy products, it’s possible to display only prepaid payment methods. In the article about assigning shipping methods to payment methods, you can find out more about the Active Payments plugin’s configuration.

Go to Active Payments   Go to Flexible Shipping

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