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Every WordPress website should have an Under Construction Plugin installed. Why? Updating or Maintaining a WordPress website can often cause unpredictable results like crashing a site and errors visible by your visitors. This can be caused by Plugin incompatibility, direct editing theme or plugin files, and many other factors.

Before proceeding with plugin updates, plugin installation or similar WordPress admin tasks, make sure to have Under Construction Plugin installed, activated and enabled.

In this article, I will show you how to set up and use Under Construction Plugin.

We recommend and use Under Construction plugin which you can download from WordPress plugin repository. The plugin is 100% Free and it’s packed with everything you need to perform your website maintenance in a professional way. It’s lightweight and worked flawlessly during our tests.

Under Construction Plugin comes with more than 20 predefined templates, plus you can add your own custom styling using a built-in Custom CSS editor.

Wordpress Under Construction Plugin

As seen from the image above, Under Construction plugin offers a selection of beautifully designed templates to choose from. Many similar plugins give you this selection only in paid version of the plugin while Under Construction plugin has it completely free.

Once you enable Under Construction plugin from plugin settings ( WP Dashboard -> Settings -> UnderConstruction ), you are safe to proceed to work on your site.

Under Construction plugin comes with an easy to use and clean interface. Options are simple and even a person without any technical knowledge can use them.

Under Construction plugin Main Options

  • Under Construction MainStatus

This is the main switch. Once enabled, your users will only see under construction page.

  • End Date & Time

You can also choose to automatically stop showing Under Construction on the selected date. This option of Under Construction plugin may be useful in case you forget to switch it off after you’re done with your maintenance tasks.

  • Google Analytics Tracking ID

If you wish to track visits to your page while the Under Construction plugin is enabled, you can enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID in this field. By leaving this field empty, tracking will be disabled.

Under Construction Plugin Design Options

Under Construction Plugin Design

  • Theme

You can choose a theme you like from a huge selection of beautiful predesigned themes. As mentioned before, unlike many similar plugins on the market, theme selection in Under Construction plugin is completely free.

  • Custom CSS

If you have a good knowledge of CSS and you would like to further modify the styling of Under Construction plugin, you can use this area to write your own CSS code. By using a Custom CSS, styling options for Under Construction plugin are almost unlimited.


Under Construction Plugin Content Options

Under Construction Plugin Content

Under Construction plugin content options is the place where you will input your own text. Here you can add title, description, headline, content and social profiles to your Under Construction page.

  • Title

Set you page title. It’s important to let your visitors know what’s going on. You can choose one of the shortcodes like [site-title] in this area.

  • Description

This is a description meta tag. It will default to [site-tagline] and display your default WordPress description.

  • Headline

Use this input field to enter the main headline. By default, it is set to show “Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site” but you can change this to any text you want.

  • Content

Content will be shown below the headline on the frontend for your users. Type anything you want here and let your users feel comfortable to come back to your site a bit later. One of the best upcoming features of the plugin is the ability to use shortcodes inside the content area. So you will be able to easily embed one of your favorite contact forms or some other shortcode. According to the developers, they are actively working on this feature and we can expect it in one of the upcoming plugin updates.

  • Login Button

By enabling this option, a simple button will be shown on the right side of Under Construction page which will take you to your WordPress login screen.

  • Show Some Love

If you are satisfied with the Under Construction plugin and you don’t mind giving the credit to the plugin developers, enabling this option will place a small link in the footer of Under Construction page. Plugin developers will appreciate it!

  • Social & Contact Icons

Add links to your social media profiles. There are 15 social profiles available, including your email and phone number! Even while your website is Under Construction, you can keep your visitors engaged with your Social Media pages.

Under Construction Plugin Access Options

Under Construction Plugin Access

Even while your plugin is enabled, you can permit the access to your site to the specific user roles which you can define on the plugin Access screen. With this option, you can allow other people to observe a development or work on the website while the plugin is enabled.

  • Whitelisted User Roles

Selected user roles will see the normal site without under construction screen. It defaults to “Administrator”.

  • Whitelisted User

You can even choose to whitelist a single user. Simply click on the field and select a user from the list. Selected user will not be affected by the under construction mode.


Having the Under Construction Plugin is completely optional, but I’m sure you will agree with me that it does add a professional touch to your blog or website. It features a lot of easy to use options with beautiful predesigned templates and most importantly, it’s free and it works perfectly.

I personally think that this is one of the best Under Construction plugin at the market today, are you ready to try it?


This plugin was developed by WebFactory and has 5-star rating on more than 80.000+ installs. Let me know did you liked the plugin!

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