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Hello, Woobeginners! I do believe you would get more surprised by what WooCommerce can do day by day. Today, I would like to introduce you the general idea of WooCommerce Facebook Store – the smart key to increase your sales and customers interaction through the social media. Therefore, Facebook Plugins and Facebook Ads Extension will help you do so.

The Benefits Of Importing WooCommerce Facebook Store

We are all quite familiar with Facebook and the advantages it brought. Once you have your WooCommerce Store, importing your store to Facebook becomes so much easier. Why should you do so? The first reason is that selling on Facebook helps you increase the number of customers. Users contribute to a greater Facebook community and they stay on Facebook even when they already hang out. Secondly, they can access your WooCommerce store everywhere just by clicking on the “Store” tab on Facebook. Thirdly, importing WooCommerce Facebook Store helps you increase the efficiency of products advertisement. Facebook is related to many pages so it would be where your WooCommerce products should appear.

Tips To Import A WooCommerce Facebook Store And Keep It Function Properly

Using Facebook Plugin By StoreYa

StoreYa is a leading social commerce platform designed for importing web stores automatically onto Facebook. For example, it can import all your social networks activities like Instagram, Twitter onto Facebook. In this case, StoreYa has created a plugin to help us integrate WooCommerce in Facebook. Thus, it helps create a WooCommerce Facebook Store. WooCommerce can be used as a tab on our Facebook page. It will be very convenient for users to shop directly on Facebook without leaving the main page. The plugin will use your store as a base to work on. So let’s see how to import WooCommerce store to Facebook and turn it into a WooCommerce Facebook Store.


Download and Install StoreYa’s plugin

This step is the most simple and basic step in setting up every plugin on your website. First, you should download the zip file and extract them into one location. Second, click on “Plugins” and “Add New” tabs. Next, you should upload your file and click “Activate Plugin” to make it work.

Create A WooCommerce Facebook Store

You will see “StoreYa’s Facebook Store” in the left corner of your screen and you should click it then. After that, please go to the website of StoreYa to login or click the button “Get started now” to start your WooCommerce Facebook Store. One thing you should not forget is to choose your WP as your store’s solution. Then, a store’s URL must be filled and be activated in order to use. The last stage is to connect your store to your Facebook fan page and have it customized until you feel satisfied and ready to published. So far, we have finished all the steps required to install a WooCommerce Facebook Store.

Benefits of StoreYa’s Plugin

This plugin requires the simple understanding of the instruction so that anyone can install it. StoreYa also offers premium plans along with 100% free plan for those who haven’t had any idea of their WooCommerce Facebook Store. It promises to attract more customers with its marketing tools to users.

Using Facebook Ads Extensions

One way to help your WooCommerce Store function properly is to market your products on Facebook. This indirectly creates a WooCommerce Facebook Store. For the reason that Facebook is a social media connecting people everywhere, it becomes a very useful communicative method. It helps your business build the long-lasting relationship with people, find potential customers and generate revenues for your business. There are many benefits brought by Facebook Ads Extension to shop owners.

Improve Your Campaign Performance and Find Potential Customers

Setting up the Facebook pixel will help you build your targeted audience, optimize your advertisements and reach the potential customers with relevant advertisements on Facebook once they visited your website.

Measure Results Of Your Advertisements

These extensions can evaluate how successful your WooCommerce Facebook Store is. It helps you to see the result of your WooCommerce advertisement on Facebook. Then it also shows ads to people that are likely to take action after seeing them. Therefore, you can make future plans to solve current problems or to promote your new products more effectively.

Wrap Up

Connecting with the right people at the right moment will help us get success at everything we want to do. As shop owners or the sellers, we wish to connect to as many customers as possible. Once we have owned a fancy WooCommerce store, we hope to sell products and helps customers to reach our products. In fact, WooCommerce Facebook Store is just a WooCommerce Store that runs on Facebook to help customers buy more easily without changing their website. In conclusion, meeting and exceeding customers’ demands are one of the factors contributing to a successful business.

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